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Engineer, teacher, philosopher, photographer. Time travel paradox resolution consultant. Developer advocacy evangelist. he/him

  • Hiking the Uncanny Valley

    When creating this image, I sought a very specific aesthetic, one informed by years of enjoying video games. Indeed, friends have told me they thought this image was a highly detailed computer rendering.

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  • Industar-69 (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review - A Dreamy, Compact Wonder

    The Industar-69 (Индуста́р-69) is a strange but beguiling beast. Originally designed for the Chaika (Чайка) camera, it wasn’t really meant to be used with other cameras. The original Chaika’s lens wasn’t removable; on later models it was affixed with an M39 thread, apparently with the intent that photographers could mount it on an enlarger for printmaking.

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  • Industar-50 (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review - The Joy of Flawed Lenses

    I had the good fortune to be wandering the Kazimerz neighborhood of Krakow, Poland, on a Saturday morning, where I stumbled upon a small but very interesting flea market. An American child of the 80s, I’ve always been fascinated with Soviet artifacts, and their cameras in particular.

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  • A Post-Open Source World

    (Text of a talk given at the OSI’s State of the Source Summit. Original video available on YouTube) Open source has always been a grassroots movement for freedom. But moneyed and powerful interests have taken advantage of the structure of open source, and transformed it into a tool for maintaining a status quo that favors the already powerful.

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  • The Coming Post-Open Source World

    (This post is a preview of my upcoming talk “Thoughts on a Post-Open Source World”, to be given at the first State of the Source Summit in September. You can read the full text of the talk here.

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