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  • A Post-Open Source World

    (Text of a talk given at the OSI’s State of the Source Summit. Original video available on YouTube) Open source has always been a grassroots movement for freedom. But moneyed and powerful interests have taken advantage of the structure of open source, and transformed it into a tool for maintaining a status quo that favors the already powerful.

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  • The Coming Post-Open Source World

    (This post is a preview of my upcoming talk “Thoughts on a Post-Open Source World”, to be given at the first State of the Source Summit in September. You can read the full text of the talk here.

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  • Remote Presentation A/V Setup MK I

    I’ll be speaking at my first conference post-COVID—the Open Source Initiative’s State of the Source Summit—but I’ve never recorded a talk for presenting at a virtual conference before. My webcam is frankly awful, being almost ten years old.

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  • The Value of Ethical Thinking

    I believe that the study of ethics can be a powerful lens for thinking about what we do as developer relations professionals. The connection is simple, but not very obvious. The reason is that I think many folks (very reasonably) misunderstand just what ethics is.

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  • Open Source is Broken

    The Open Source movement, as championed by the OSI, prizes absolute openness above all other concerns. Openness, they claim, is an absolute good, from which all other virtues flow, not to be questioned or criticized.

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