Don Goodman-Wilson

Engineer, teacher, philosopher. Time travel paradox resolution consultant. Developer advocacy evangelist. he/him


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I live in liminal spaces. Trained in both the humanities and in computer science, I have a passion for bridging cultures and bringing historical context to contemporary issues.

I teach, code, write, talk. I build trust and relationships, I advocate on behalf of developer communities. I take the specifications from the customer, and hand them to the developers.

I’ve worked with software lifecycle management, web security, chatbots, streaming media, embedded hardware, the model railroading industry, machine learning, graph theory, and academic philosophy. With my family, I’ve lived all around the globe, and I’m always working on improving my skills in four languages (English, French, Dutch, and Japanese).

In my spare time I organize the DevRel Salon, I enjoy statically typed languages and sailing, and I currently live with my wife and daughter in Amsterdam.

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