Don Goodman-Wilson

Engineer, teacher, philosopher. Time travel paradox resolution consultant. Developer advocacy evangelist. he/him


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I’m a philosopher-engineer experienced in architecting amazing products with successful early-stage startups.

My heart lies in engineering cool products with smart, friendly people. I currently work as Sqreen’s Head of Developer Relations, raising developer awareness about web application and API security and building relations with developers. Throughout my career I have engaged a broad range of technologies: chatbots, webapps, desktop apps, streaming media, embedded hardware, and even the model railroading industry. I’ve proven my grit by achieving my PhD philosophy, and my training in the philosophy of mind and neuroscience informs my work as a chatbot builder. When I am not working, I love traveling, sailing, foreign languages and enjoying all life has to offer with my wife and daughter by my side.

Professional Work






I was head of Sqreen’s developer relations program, focusing on building awareness around the need for web application and API security; I worked closely with our product and marketing teams, and I was also responsible for the Sqreen brand, and Sqreen’s swag strategy.



As a senior developer advocate, I led the Developer Tools team within Developer Relations. I focused on building and educating our community of developers through workshops and talks, and crafting tools to help developers succeed on the Slack Platform. Our tools to date include open source SDKs, debugging tools, code examples, and tutorials. Prior to working with DevRel, I worked as an engineer on nearly every part of the Slack technology stack, including the backend and native clients.



I have worked on everything from meddling with mice and USB streams at the kernel level in C, to responsive single-page web apps in JS and Ruby, to business finance, business development, and marketing. As the first employee at this early-stage startup, I had to wear many hats, and be ready to quickly respond to changing needs in a fluid environment.



As the founder and sole employee, I was responsible for all aspects of my own business. In addition to operating and growing the business, I designed, tested, manufactured, marketed, sold, and shipped custom electronics for model railroad applications. When not working on my own products, I also engaged in OEM design consulting for a number of external clients working within the model railroading industry. Finally, I was very active working with the National Model Railroading Association—the industry standards-setting body—in developing a new standard for reliable device networking specifically for model railroads, Layout Command Control

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Projects & Fun

Just want to see the code? Some of my stuff is open source.
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