Crown + Flint R4 🏜️ “The Voice”

Crown + Flint R4 is out today for iPhone and Android, bringing a huge increase in stability and speed, and some welcome new functionality.


Crown + Flint R4 🏜️ “The Voice”

I released the latest version of Crown + Flint today, Release 4. Using Crown + Flint requires more than a little data entry up front, and in the past I tried to make that easier by auto-suggesting values for some of the fields. Although this feature worked just fine on most phones, some users reported that the forms because unusably slow because of this feature.

R4 fixes all that. Code-named “The Voice” because of its massively improvements to the auto-suggestions, the latest version brings a number of additional features, including swiping to move through frames, and the ability to edit the geolocation. See the Week 13 Update for the full list of features and bug fixes.

And as always, I encourage you to join the Crown + Flint Discord community to share your feedback and meet other people using the app to make amazing photographs.

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