Announcing the Open Film Database


Announcing the Open Film Database
Photo by Brian Huynh / Unsplash

I've started a new project, a natural outgrowth of my work on Crown + Flint. My app relies on a database of technical data on film stocks, a database that I currently maintain myself by hand. I've been in the world of open source software for a long time, as readers will know, and so I thought it would be worth my while to see if there are others who also need this kind of data, and whether we could work on collecting that data together, as a collaboration.

Thus, the Open Film Database. At the moment, it's little more than a sketch and a proposal. There are stubs for many kinds of films that I already know about, but often little more than a name or possibly a box speed.

But as a proposal for how things could look in the future, I've fleshed out a fuller entry for one of my favorite films (and one for which copious amounts of data are available), Ilford FP4 Plus.

At the very least, I'll be spending some time adding new films and new data as I can, and as I need them. But I'm looking for help! Are you writing an app that could use this data? Are you a manufacturere who can fill in knowledge gaps? Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to, and to make use of the data here.

I could use your help!