Announcing: Crown + Flint R3

After months of hard work, I'm happy to announce the latest version of my mobile app for analog photographers, Crown + Flint.


Announcing: Crown + Flint R3

As you may know, Crown + Flint is a mobile app to assist analog photographers in their workflows, from collecting metadata on each shot, to tracking their film collection and archives. It’s something I started building for myself, but it has quickly grown beyond that initial audience of one.

And, in response to requests from folks actively using the app, I’ve seriously upgraded Crown + Flint’s film management system. This update represents several months of hard work to get it perfectly tuned to match the workflows that people told me they used and wanted to manage their film stocks. I'm really proud of what I have produced.

So what does the latest update add? Well, if you’re like me, you’ve got rolls of film in your freezer, your fridge, out on your desk, it's everywhere. Maybe you have a plan for it, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s fresh, maybe it’s expired. Or maybe you just have a couple of rolls you’re not ready to use yet, you’re saving them for a rainy day. R3 is an overhaul to the “Unused” tab in Crown + Flint to make it easier to keep track of your inventory of unexposed film, bulk rolls and boxes of sheet film. R3 adds comprehensive management of unexposed film stock to the already impressive suite of film management features. Track where your stock is, how much remains, and when it will expire.

And the rest of the film management workflow is improved as well. You can now sort and filter your archives of exposed and archived film, making it easier to find what you're looking for.

R3 is rolling out now for iPhone on the Apple App Store or for Android on Google Play. I hope you’ll give it a try!

And if you are interested in learning more from other users how to get the most out of the app, or you have ideas for how to make Crown + Flint even better, I encourage you to join our growing Discord server. Almost all the ideas for R3 came from discussions and requests shared there, and I know there is still a lot of work left to do.