Don Goodman-Wilson

Engineer, teacher, philosopher, photographer. Time travel paradox resolution consultant. Developer advocacy evangelist. he/him

Scaling Trust

Given at DevRelCon Tokyo.

DevRel is, for me, about building—and scaling—trust. Our job is to make using our product an automatic choice. But without trust, not using our product is the easy decision. So we need developers to believe in the value of our tool implicitly, which means trusting us, the people behind the tool, implicitly.

That’s tough.

I’m going to talk about tools for building trust, and (more importantly) for scaling trust. There’s little here that might surprise you: giving talks, talking to people. What I aim to do here is to put everything we do in DevRel into a coherent and interesting framework, something that makes sense of our jobs, and that maybe can help us understand ways to advance our craft. A framework that emphasizes trust, and giving our product a human face.

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