Don Goodman-Wilson

Engineer, teacher, philosopher, photographer. Time travel paradox resolution consultant. Developer advocacy evangelist. he/him

Software Ethics and Copyleft Licensing (Panel)

Given at Copyleft Conf 2020.

If we agree that software freedom is an ethical movement, then what are our responsibilities for the ethical issues that licenses don’t currently cover? Karen Sandler will lead a friendly and constructive discussion to see if we can answer these questions.

  • What can we learn from or with the ethical licensing movement?

  • Feasability; Do we think ethical clauses are enforceable? How do we think that these new clauses would affect adoption?

  • What have we learned about enforceability and adoption of software licenses over the last 30 years?

  • Should we be designing licenses to support or complement strategies towards making computing more ethical?

Karen Sandler leads this session with Coraline Ehmke and Don Goodman-Wilson.

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