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Connect with the Slack Platform in modern C++

Getting Started

Using Engine


Using Engine with your project

Engine has been built and tested on macOS and Linux. (I’d like some help getting it working on Windows, if you have the time and inclination!)

Engine also depends upon the CMake build system, and the Conan dependency manager.

Installing dependencies with Conan

Engine is available from (and makes use of the) the Conan dependency manager. And so should you. It’s pretty good.

To incorporate Engine into your project using Conan, create a file called conanfile.txt, and add the following:

engine/[email protected]/stable

If you are using more advanced Conan features, you can just add this to your conanfile.py

class MyAwesomeProject(ConanFile)
    requires = "engine/[email protected]/stable"

At any rate, from your build directory, simply run

$ conan install --build=missing path/to/source

(The --build=missing is because at the moment Engine only offers source installs&emdash;we’ll offer pre-built binaries before too long, just you see.)

(You can read more about using Conan with your project in the Conan docs)

Conan options

You can fiddle with the following options for your build:

The following options exist, but only really affect development of Engine


If you’ve never used Conan before, it works with a wide range of project toolchains, but Conan works best with CMake. Add the following lines somewhere near the top of your CMakeLists.txt:


Then you can run CMake as usual

cmake path/to/source
cmake --build .