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Connect with the Slack Platform in modern C++

Getting Started

Using Engine



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Connect your desktop app, backend, or game to Slack. Engine provides a statically typed, reliable, and simple to use C++ interface to Slack’s Web, Real Time, and Events APIs using modern, idiomatic C++.


A C++14 capable compiler (tested against gcc 4.9, clang 3.6), CMake 2.8. Conan for installing dependencies.

Example code

Here is a quick example that you can run to post a message into #general on your Slack team. You’ll need a testing token, which you should pass as an environment variable called SLACK_TOKEN.

#include <iostream>
#include <slack/slack.h>

int main()
    slack::web web_client{std::getenv("SLACK_TOKEN")};
    auto response = web_client.chat.postMessage("#general", "Hello, world!");

    std::cout << response.message->text << std::endl;

    return 0;




This library has only begun, and there is yet a lot that is missing. It’s still usable, but you might not find everything is as you would like it.